Vacuuming May Cause Concussions

Nursing a headache thanks to Saturday’s “incident”, I discovered housework can be hazardous to the noggin.

It all started out with a trip to pick up Rosie the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Purchased with the help of birthday money and a coupon, I left Bed, Bath & Beyond elated and couldn’t get home fast enough.

Ripping open the box, Rosie made her grand entrance.

For hours we watched her do her magic. It was fascinating. I’m sure it will be a time-saver after the initial thrill wears off.
roomba watching

To ensure maximum cleaning, I ran around excitely picking up large objects off the floor. In the laundry room was a top to a shaving cream container…I don’t understand that either…so I leaned down to pick it up and…

roomba pain

WARNING: Actions may be stupider than they appear.

WACK!!! I slammed my head into the doorway. Like super hard to where I thought I may have given myself a concussion.

Mom Down! Mom Down!

I didn’t cry in pain during childbirth, but this brought tears. After screaming out in pain, my son called out from his room to hold it down while he’s on the Xbox mic.

Who knew vacuuming could be dangerous…even if you aren’t the one doing the work.

The good news is I believe it jarred awake a few brain cells because all of the sudden I can do Geometry again.


  1. Laundry rooms are almost too dangerous to have in our neighborhoods much less having them in our own homes – I hope you are ok Melinda. Every time I try to clean something – the item gets ruined or I get injured or both. It’s just the price we pay for clean socks.
    David Goldstein recently posted..Just Five More MinutesMy Profile

  2. That would sooo be me! If I told you all the stupid crap I’ve done to myself lately, you’d be shocked…or feel my pain!
    Kim recently posted..A Day From HellMy Profile

  3. Marianne - The Sister... says:


    Bet that isn’t covered in the product warnings.

    Mr Robinson will be happy to know you can do Geometry again. :>

  4. I’ll need to try that geometry trick soon. Hope you’re feeling better.
    Margaret Reyes Dempsey recently posted..Sun Smart on a Rainy DayMy Profile

  5. kaPOW! Aaargh!

    I hope you’re feeling better now, Melinda. I also hope you didn’t screw up your son’s Xbox session, that would be a true tragedy πŸ™‚

    Isn’t this one of those accidents where you suddenly change to a completely different personality? At least until you’re konked on the head again?

    It is a mystery…

    Stay safe πŸ™‚
    John recently posted..Hypertransitory Monday Comics #2 – Kid Hype pt 2My Profile

  6. I love reading your article.. It made me laugh! I am a research on where could I buy a cheaper vacuum.. And i found your article! I didn’t know that vacuum is this dangerous! Next time just be careful.. And you have a very funny drawings! ha ha..
    Sally Thompson recently oil changeMy Profile

  7. There’s something insane about being happy to remember geometry just so that you can help your kids learn geometry! Did we ever get any use out of it anyway? Still, I’m sure it enriched our lives in some unknown way. Hope your head is better – a bang on the head or the elbow always hurts twice as much as anywhere else!!
    jan recently posted..Does exercise help you to lose weight?My Profile

    • I still speak with my geometry teacher so I wouldn’t dare say I never use it. I think I use it when tossing a spoon into the sink to calculate the angle of the throw…but you don’t notice since it is so lightning fast. πŸ™‚

  8. Crack! Stars-OW! “keep it down mom”. Someone is in need of a compassion lesson.
    The geometry resurgence is due to the swelling of the brain – it shifts the pressures of the cerebrum, the same way that we shift around occasionally when reading in bed and out butt begins to go to sleep. By shifting the pressures, it relieved the strangle hold your brain had on the section storing geometry knowledge, but put pressure on something else. Luckily it wasn’t something important like breathing – no, wait that’s autonomic – OK, like walking or where you put the car keys, or what the names of your children are.

    Hope whatever got squooshed wasn’t anything real important. Feel free to use it as an excuse, though; “I’m sorry family, I forgot how to cook – must be my head injury – you will just have to pool your resources and take us out for dinner tonight.”
    Allan Douglas recently posted..Follow, Follow, Follow the Twitter Brick RoadMy Profile

    • I considered using the I can’t cook dinner card. I did have to avoid the saxophone player who kept wanting to play me something…and I said I’d listen from across the house…because a saxophone is the last thing you want to hear with a headache. πŸ™‚ All better now. I can still do some heavy metal head banging…so nothing important was broken.

  9. I saw a guy today on a riding vacuum cleaner. I am sorry not to inform you of this before your Roomba purchase.
    lgalaviz recently posted..How to Survive an Unexpected Football PartyMy Profile

  10. Cristian Balau says:

    I’m a very neat and organized person most of the times. But when it comes to cleaning, no thanks! I hate cleaning! Really, if I didn’t had such a great girlfriend I would probably live with 1 inch dust on my TV and furniture.

  11. That’s funny! I do stuff like that all the time and it’s irksome, but I’ve never gotten smarter from any of it. Maybe I need to smack myself harder. lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..I’m Not Registering, And Other MissivesMy Profile

  12. Mitchell Allen

    Having established from the comments that you’re alright, I turn your attention to the Hollywood production of your real-life “Incident at Jamb Session”. It would be like one of those extended dream sequences where the characters make music with geometric instruments. (Right triangles, Bell curves and Parallelepipeds)

    John has the plot all laid out for you: supermom! Only thing is, in true Jekyll and Hyde fashion, you never know whether mild-manner Melinda shows up or her super-charged alter-ego.

    Of course, Ellen gets the title role. George Clooney plays the door jamb.



  13. Ouch! Although I must say that I love what you’ve done with your hair. It really accentuates your oblong head. I’m also wondering how many joints your arms have?
    Greg – Telling Dad recently posted..Putting the itch in StitchMy Profile

  14. This is just a test to see how comment works.

  15. Did you really get a Roomba? I always picture that thing getting stuck under a dining room chair and vacuuming the same spot for eleven hours in a row. I wish a shaving cream cap was the weirdest thing I ever find on the floor — although it is hard to explain. And couldn’t you attribute the drawing to the severe head injury you sustained? (I meant that to be helpful.)
    Charles Gulotta recently posted..Don’t Ask, Don’t YellMy Profile

  16. I wish a shaving cream cap was the weirdest thing I ever find on the floor β€” although it is hard to explain. I’m sure it enriched our lives in some unknown way. Hope your head is better –

  17. Yewoch, youch, ye-ouch, hmmm maybe I’ll just stick with ouch. Sorry to hear about your dance with death. At least you weren’t testing out your new Woomba although that might explain a sudden convulsive spasm.
    Chris recently posted..Sarah’s Silks Natural Homemade Halloween CostumesMy Profile

  18. Hi Melinda! We really cannot say when is accident gonna happen. We just need to be more careful on what we are doing. Me too, I always accidentally slum my head in the head board of our bed. I just tell myself how clumsy I am! I hope those slumming of my head won’t do any damage on my brain. Be careful next time.
    gold recently posted..Thinking of bringing an Asian Arowana home?My Profile

  19. WARNING: Actions may be stupider than they appear. LOL I suddenly remembered one experience before! If I can recall it right, I have nothing on my mind that time but just to pick up my pen almost under the table. But unfortunately my head hit my wooden table. I don’t know but looks like my mind is sleeping that time! Anyway, be careful next time especially when you’re excited! LOL
    Chris recently posted..Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike ReviewMy Profile

  20. Hey, hope you didn’t lose your geometry superpower thus far πŸ™‚

    How is your Roomba serving ya?
    Damir B. recently posted..Chemists developed a liquid storage material for hydrogenMy Profile

  21. Mom down! lol It seems like you’re having boxing session with the door and looks like you had your own cheering squad member! I hope it wouldn’t happen to you next time. Be extra careful and always have your presence of mind! lol
    Christina recently posted..Little Tikes 6-In-1 Town Center Playhouse Review – Walls Open For Added FunMy Profile

  22. LOL. Talk about knocking some sense into you:) J/K I wonder if that would help me should I ever need to go onto Are you smarter than a fifth grader. Right now I should be are you dumber than a first grader. Crazy.