Soul Train Dancer Wannabe

Growing up during the exciting emergence of old school hip hop, I fondly remember the very first 45 record I bought with my own money: Double Dutch Bus. Hold on, I have to sing a few lines…

…There’s a double dutch bus comin’ down the street
Movin’ pretty fast, so kinda shuffle your feet…

Good times.

I looked forward to Saturday morning’s Soul Train and danced around the living room and down a pretend line of observers cheering me on.

Yes I have done break dancing…sort of

Ok not the spin on your head kind. A close friend of mine was (and still is) a rockin’ DJ who was a dancer in the only white break dancing group I knew of in the area. We’re talking the Grandmaster Flash days! There is a lot of pressure when your dance partner is that good, so I actually learned enough of the robot, cabbage patch, and running man to spoof them along with 2 other girls for a church youth group talent show. Strangely enough that never came up as a required skill in a job interview.

My kids wonder why I score so high on those moves on the Kinect dancing game. Shh…secret.

I love dancing! I could care less if I was the only white, female, over-40 dancer in the hip hop club. Doesn’t bother me.

So you can imagine how I am at home with no inhibitions. I drive my kids crazy blasting the stereo and dancing away…even while vacuuming. I yank the kids up off the couch to forcibly participate. If they play a song I like in their room, I bust through the door with a Soul-Train-type entrance. Unfortunately I get about 5 steps in before they shove me out. They can’t possibly appreciate talent like that when they see it.

So when my daughter showed me this commercial…I realized I missed my calling and should have developed my “talent” into becoming an advertising genius because this woman is me! Well not really me, but like me at home for sure if there was a hidden camera. Technically-speaking my daughter has video proof on her phone, but she knows if that circulates into the public eye, the phone is a goner. I got bids from family members on Facebook for it. Evil! Let’s just say it looks a bit like this:

Love Snoop Dog!

My kids have banned me from chaperoning any school dances, knowing that I would not be able to resist the temptation to break a move on the dance floor. Hip hop is 80% of the music in my car. Don’t worry…I have kids-in-the-car versions. My dream job would have to be working for Jay-Z.

What was the first song or album you purchased?

Did anyone else have Double Dutch Bus? Raise your hand proudly!


  1. Marianne says:

    Ah yes, the Double Dutch Bus…I remembered that tune even before watching the YouTube video. I feel like a kid listening to that song again!

    As the shy little sister who was around to watch the development of these skills, I can attest to Melinda’s unique style of dance that I could never copy…and that she could have easily been the one in that commercial! Perhaps a new career awaits!

    I believe my fist vinyl album was either Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s La Di Da Di and The Show. They’re still around here somewhere. Time to find a turntable…

    Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

    • Oh I remember those! We were lucky we had that teen dance club which I remember going to. I’m sure you know who the DJ is and I would have linked to his MySpace where he us still mixing songs but he would probably not appreciate being connected to this ha ha!!

  2. Melinda! I’m so making you a backup dancer in my pretend band, “Grandma’s Off Her Rocker”! Congratulations πŸ™‚ There’s no actual rehearsals so I’m sure it won’t conflict with your current schedule.

    I dance just like you, all the time. It’s so much fun I don’t know how anyone can’t! When my daughter made the cast of Footloose The Musical, she had never seen the movie so I got it and she watched for a few minutes and said “Okay, now I see why you dance with those weird moves.” LOL

    I told her it’s not weird, it’s footloose! Silly kids!!
    Jessica Sieghart recently posted..It’s Official! I’m A Columnist!My Profile

    • It’s a good thing we live on opposites sides of the US or we would be a lot of trouble…to our kids’ reputations which leaves me no choice but to come up with a stage name to protect the innocent. My daughter and I went through a phase were we took turns acting like we were in a video and made each other laugh hysterically with our antics that also included doing jumping poses on her little exercise trampoline until I injured myself. πŸ™‚ Occasionally she would have a friend come over, and they would request one of my performances. I think they were laughing …with me…?

  3. You are so funny… I can just imagine you bursting through the kids door and dancing around their room – much to their mortification. Although, one day they will have some great tales to tell their kids about Grandma.

    I never had any musical talent mysel, I love music; just have no talent for it. But I used to take my record player, a stack of records, a rolled sock on a stick and go into my closet to play Radio DJ.

    All I can say is, “rock on lil momma!”
    Allan Douglas recently posted..LED Light Bulbs- a Better Choice For Indoor LightingMy Profile

  4. I lived through the era of the teen disco. I’ve got some great moves, too. πŸ˜‰ I can’t remember what the first album was that I bought, but I’ve got Anita Ward in my head now singing You can ring my beeeeeeeeelllll, ring my bell, my bell, ring a ling a ling.
    Margaret Reyes Dempsey recently posted..Blogging GuiltMy Profile

    • I loved that song! That was a great one to sing to. I remember taping things off the radio on those cassette tapes that ended up in a wad of tape after my player ate it. I think that song was on one. I’m sure everyone remembers trying to save a cassette tape by painstakingly trying to wind it back up despite the fact it was all bent up.

  5. Never heard of Double Dutch Bus but that may have something to do with me being an Aussie and all, although our radio waves are flooded with American music?

    I actually don’t remember the name of the first record I bought although I do remember it had something to do train ?

    As to dancing, I have two left feet and so I hate dancing. I may sing in the shower, badly, but you’ll never catch me dancing.
    Sire recently posted..Blogging! Why The Hell Do We Do ItMy Profile

  6. I have never heard of Double Dutch Bus, I was a child of the 90’s so my first record was on a CD and not vinyl…. I belive it was Back Street Boys – Back Streets Back and I still have it, currently it’s on my computer and somtimes makes an appearance on my ipod.

    I completely undertand your need to dance, everytime a Micheal Jackson song comes on the radio I have to bust a move! I like to dance while I cook or on road trips (I’m an accomplished chair dancer) Will Smith’s Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It is also a fav tune of mine. Recently I hurt my neck and then heard that song play on the radio the same day (for the first time in about 10 years!) and I couldn’t dance to it:(

    Keep on dancing!
    Saber recently posted..AbsentMy Profile

  7. Please, PLEASE don’t be going around dropping it like it’s hot! lol You know, I had to go back to my disco songs post to remind myself that you commented on that one. Course, I feel I was lucky to be there when disco first hit radio & became a big deal, with Rock Your Baby. As we talk vinyl, I have to differentiate between albums and 45’s. The first album I ever asked for was the first Archie’s album, the one before Sugar Sugar, and the first 45 I ever asked for was Daydream Believer by the Monkees; you notice both were TV groups. lol

    Great, now I have to pull out all my disco stuff again for tomorrow. πŸ˜‰
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  8. I am laughing so much I can hardly type LOL this must be one of the funniest posts so far Melinda πŸ™‚

    And I am way before your time and can’t remember my first record. Had a large record collection….ah if only I have held onto them they would be worth a fortune now πŸ˜‰

    Mine definitely wasn’t dance music although I did like to dance. More into the protest songs of the 60s like Bob Dylan, and many others you probably won’t have heard of πŸ˜‰

    One day your kids will appreciate what a funky Mum they have….just maybe not yet!

    Patricia Perth Australia
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  9. Hahahahahaaaaaaa!!! Girl! We are the same! I am so that girl, too. I always love to get my groove on no matter where I am at. I especially love it to do it in front of my husband and kids because they love it as much as yours!

  10. Hi Melinda
    Came over via your comment on Sire’s blog and what do I find?
    A Genesis site.
    Looks fantastic, what modified child theme is it?

    Back to your post – first album I ever bought?
    America by the group called America.
    That was ages ago and you know what – I still listen to it occasionally.

    Love the site.
    Got a feeling I’ll be back.
    Keith Davis recently posted..Keep it short- keep it sharpMy Profile

  11. Melinda on the dance floor! I’m so coming down to Florida, alligators or not!
    I thought I was hot stuff on the dance floor, but the ladies were always showing me up.

    So, check this out, I’m probably the only guy on the planet who can’t do the electric slide. I mean, what is that? A slo-mo epileptic fit? I have a plan for whenever someone busts that move at the next wedding: I’ma grab my stomach, double over and wave people off as I slowly head for the exit, presumably to visit the loo.

    I grew up around so much vinyl, I can’t honestly recall which record came first.

    My dad had a ridiculously largest collecion of 78’s, 33’s and 45’s. I’m sure I bought something before he bought me my first record player for my birthday. But, since I can’t remember, I’ll just say it was Donna Summer. It was her Four Seasons album. All I remember is how dreadful it was, compared to Bad Girls. I think pop thought I would appreciate it, since I so enjoyed her other stuff.

    I have those Four Seasons on my hard drive…They’re STILL boring.


    Mitchell Allen recently posted..Zeppole PeoplezMy Profile

    • Lol “they are still boring”! I loved the Bad Girls album but I agree the other isn’t the same.
      I never learned the electric slide or any of the line dances except The Hustle because we did that in PE in sixth grade, so I avoid those at weddings too. That song from the hustle is stuck in my head now.

      • “Do the hustle….” Aagh! An ideavirus. I’ve been infected. Oh well, at least it pushed that other dumb song outta my head.

        You brought back another memory: in 2nd or 3rd grade PE, we had to do the Funky Chicken.


        Mitchell Allen recently posted..Zeppole PeoplezMy Profile

  12. I hate that I’m admitting this but my first 45 record was “Take on Me” by Ah-ha. Ugh. It hurts to even write that.

    I think your kids secretly love that you barge in and give them a little booty shake in their doorway. It’s the stuff they’ll remember fondly. At least, that’s what I tell myself, because I do the very same thing. I’m a gyratin’, hip grindin’, knee bendin’ fool if the music is on…but only in front of the kids and wife. I’d be mortified doing it in front of anyone who might possibly think I was seriously trying to dance.
    Greg – Telling Dad recently posted..Squirrels – 4 Greg – 0My Profile

    • I still like that song. -20 cool points for me. Secretly I know they love it. I was soooo excited to accidentally find a radio station playing old school music on the way to the beach this weekend, and I can even dance while driving… As can be proved by…once again… My daughter’s video evidence. I was wondering why she was laughing so hard. This is why I can’t do career day. How could any kid take my speech seriously after seeing that at lunch?

  13. Hey Melinda, I’m back! I wanted to thank you for continuing to visit my site even though the posts were pre-scheduled. Thank you for your comments as well. I should be back on a more permanent basis with more spur of the moment posts.

    I like to think of myself as a good dancer but like most things in my life it’s all perspective. Ask others and you are likely to get a different opinion. I don’t remember my first purchase but I think it was a Prince album.

    Tell me if this reminds you of yourself?
    Tom Baker recently posted..Time For A Morning UpdateMy Profile

    • In my head I am that good but the reality shown to me (via daughter’s taping) reveals a different story. I choose to go with the one in my head. :). That little girl has rubber legs going on. She’s good!

  14. I’m jealous of your groove skills! I have absolutely no rhythm. When my friends make me go dancing, I dance like a white, uncomfortable, guy – aka: tapping my foot and bobbing my head a little. Keep the groove going!
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  15. Hi Melinda,
    This sure is a funny post! Yeah, it makes me wonder that break dancing or any kind of dancing never came up as a required skill in job interviews. Are songs from the Black Eyed Peas considered Hip Hop? Or more like disco? Anyways, I like their songs as well as those of Lady Gaga’s! I smiled when you said you dance while vacuuming. I β€œsometimes” do that too, well, if I know I’m the only one in the house at the moment. πŸ™‚
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  16. The host site was right about you. You are hilarious. Keep us laughing…and crying. Best.

  17. I met a woman just like you at a wedding, and we had a BLAST dancing together. Loved this! I can totally picture you getting shoved out of your kids’ bedroom. Here via the Empress.

  18. That video is hilarious, I love it! My kids aren’t old enough to embarrass with my dancing yet, but when they are older I know I will. My first album was the Mini Pops, I don’t know which number but I remember that it had Eye of the Tiger and Mickey on it. I was pretty young, maybe 7 or 8. But when I got older I loved hip hop, some of my faves were Maestro and Young MC and I totally remember having the Rap Traxx 3 tape when I was like 13. Also loved Tribe and Digital Underground, it all brings back such memories. And it’s always so awesome being out at a 80’s/90’s night and getting to dance to that stuff, it makes me dance my butt off! I found you through Good Day Regular People, you’re funny, I’ll visit again : )
    Keshyra recently posted..Girls Night OutMy Profile

    • I love Digital Underground! You’re in my dancing group now. *hangs out the official striped kneesocks*. I can’t stop dancing by my daughter’s room like the lady is on the boat. Makes her laugh everytime.

  19. Hey, I’m here from the Empress’s site (Good Day, Regular People). Love it around here. She’s right. Funnneee.

    My dream when I was a little girl was to be a go-go dancer. So we must be kindred spirits. πŸ™‚
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  20. I just simply Love Love Love your article, it bring back memories. I remember watching soul train every saturday morning. I still try to bust a move every now and then. I think my first record I brought was “boogie oogie oogie ” by A Taste of Honey. Love the sense of humor

  21. I don’t remember what the first album I got. I do remember having albums like Poison, Ratt, etc. Yes I did like the metal bands. What I think is really funny was if people actually knew HOW eclectic my taste in music was. I literally went from Debbie Gibson to Helloween. I had sugar pop rock band that I could not be paid to listen to today to hip hop. I miss the 80s. Am I old?