Avoid Ghostly Surprises By Calling Ahead

Invaded by ghost ants AGAIN, the exterminator had to return to my house last week. I dreaded the possible awkwardness this would cause due to “the incident” last time.

Two weeks earlier…

desk windowInnocently hanging out at my computer working, I was unaware that the bug man had arrived and was working his way around to the back of the house.

Next to me is a sliding glass door that leads to the porch. Despite the lack of view, I opened the shades to enjoy the beautiful day.

Suddenly he appeared at the door. We both jumped and I ran out of the room mortified. Much to my relief, he didn’t knock on the door once he was done and instead left the bill on my door.

Important lessons were learned that day:

  1. Call before you spray a person’s house
  2. Don’t sit by the window wearing this…(see below)
face mask surprise

This must have been how I looked. Surprised.


  1. for the love, who was more scared?

  2. Awkward! At least you were dressed…

    You just added some excitement to his day. :>

  3. Frightening! I never had any trouble with ghost aunts or uncles but your story reminds me of several ghost bee incidents that I’ve promised never to talk about in public.
    David Goldstein recently posted..Are Forever Stamps 4ever? 9 More PredictionsMy Profile

  4. Too funny Melinda. So this is what I have been missing while I have been busy building my new site and revamping my lavender blog πŸ™‚

    I would probably have screamed. I remember a time when I was living in the UK and the guy I was dating at the time came through my unlocked garage and unlocked back door into the living room and I screamed.

    He of course told me off for not having my doors locked lol Didn’t do that again. Sad really that we have to lock ourselves away in our own homes just to be safe.

    Thankfully your guy was meant to be visiting but yes a call to say they are coming would be helpful. And you could have then looked a little different to the picture eh??!! πŸ˜‰

    Patricia Perth Australia
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  5. That’s hilarious! I would have screamed! lol

  6. Too funny!

    On that exterminator’s “Stuff I’ve Learned While Spraying for Ants” blog, he probably posted:

    1) Call before you spray a person’s house

    2) DO NOT ever look in the windows.
    Brian the Kwyjibo recently posted..I Stepped Out of My Hotel and Into a MagazineMy Profile

  7. Haha. Had a good laugh, thanks! Have to agree with the other commenter, at least you were dressed!
    Ferrin recently posted..Ferrin Enterprises on FacebookMy Profile

  8. I’m betting the Bug Man was peeking in hoping to catch a glimpse of someone exercising in their undies or something. The visage that greeted him (and it’s reaction to his appearance) must have reinforced the idea of (as Brian said), “2) DO NOT ever look in the windows.”

    I wonder if this second appointment will be handed off to some other technician!

    Not exactly your super-hero mask! πŸ™‚

  9. You might have ended up exterminating the exterminator from a heart attack. Just saying πŸ™‚

  10. HAHAHAAAA!! I wonder if this could be a possible crime deterrent?

    Burglars are in court swearing up and down they saw a ghost in the house as the judge is throwig the book at them.

    Soon a group of meddling kids and a dog in a green mini-van will show up trying to discover the truth…
    John recently posted..The Science of American Horror StoryMy Profile

  11. awesome. It was probably the best part of his day — he had something to go home and tell his friends about.

  12. Something similar happened to me last week.

    I was coming back from work one morning after a night shift and I’m home alone, I get into bed and just sleep till my girlfriend comes home early from work and gets back in bed without waking me up.

    Night shifts tend to mess me up so I have virtually no idea whats going on if I wake up really sudden and I need a couple of minutes to adjust.

    So long story shot, I wake up, get out of bed, I don’t notice my girlfriend, go to the bathroom, get back into bed and find a weird person in my spot. I freak out, she wakes up and freaks out even more, everybody is yelling and screaming till one of us says “Oh its you!”.

    Anyways, hope you get rid of those ants.
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  13. OI! That’s rich. My wife and I both work out of the home, and the state of our dress (or undress) is hit or miss on any given day. Thank heaven we know our pest control people very well and they call ahead most of the time….it’s the lawn care people that never call and show up and get an eye full! πŸ™‚
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  14. Haha sure it happens to the best of us really doesn’t it? You never know when somebody is going to turn up – get a dog, that way they’ll bark when someones coming
    Robert recently posted..Hesham Zebida – (Famous Bloggers) InterviewMy Profile

  15. Well, just think – maybe he won’t recognize your face!
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  16. Hehehhehehheh! This made me laugh. Once I was working on my laptop and my mom was busy cooking when the plumber entered through the already opened door and started working. It was new house we had shifted to and were scared to even think who the hell was making the noises.
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  17. I was laughing before he even appeared at the door, because I knew what was coming. (On another blog I might not have known, but with you, it was inevitable.) I think you should feel proud, Melinda: exterminators are pretty hard to scare.
    Charles Gulotta recently posted..Train of ThoughtMy Profile

  18. I feel your pain. I’ve been caught in flannel lambie jammies and furry slippers by Mr. Exterminator. There! Now my secret is out. Baa.
    Margaret Reyes Dempsey recently posted..From Intention to Action: Turning resolutions into realityMy Profile

  19. Hahaha! Just glad there was glass between you two so he didn’t spray the alien life form invading the home.

    My mother, although I feel FAR more compassion for the exterminator now in therapy, was laying out in the buff doing her “air bath” (frightening, I know). Doing what he does, he sprayed the front of the house, sprayed the side, and then walked through the gate where she was splayed out looking like a melted candle.

    He probably quit.

    Life…not his job.
    Greg – Telling Dad recently posted..Plateau of Mathematical LearningMy Profile

    • LOL! Your poor mother. If he didn’t quit I would have fired him.

      He was here again last week. I again was on the computer but the shades were closed. This time I heard him yell “EXTERMINATOR” like 10 times while in the backyard and extra loud right by the door. AAAA he still remembers. To make it worse I had to go out and bring the dog in. He said “Hi! I wanted to make sure I didn’t startle you.” As in…run away from a door. UGGGHH!

  20. Invaded by ghost ants AGAIN, the exterminator had to return to my house last week. I dreaded the possible awkwardness this would cause due to β€œthe incident” last time.
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