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Margaret Reyes Dempsey from Conjuring My Muse passed along the 7 x 7 Award. After assuring myself that it wasn’t a “Laziest Blogger” award which I truly deserve lately, I was thrilled! I also think this was a sly attempt at distracting me from pestering her about her next novel. (Loved The Benefactor!) Then I got worried this had to do with a math matrix 7 x 7, so boy was I relieved it was much simpler than that.

The rules to the 7 x 7 Link Award are simple:

  • Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody else knows.
  • Link to a post I think fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, Most Pride Worthy Piece.
  • Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.

I always hate how older posts get lost way in the back, and it is always fun to bring a few back up to the spotlight. I really enjoyed reading Margaret’s list of blog posts.

Something nobody knows

Every character has a tragic flaw…and mine is nail biting. Yep! I said it! There is a talent to retrieving your knocked off acrylic nail from the ground with grace, and I have mastered it.

My latest hair-brained attempt to kick the habit is borrowing my child’s “stop thumb sucking” paint-on stuff so I can try it on my nails and see if some magic happens. The only thing stopping me is the image of my wiping my eye and the burning sensation that would result. The Sally Hansen nail company can go forward with the next quarter’s profit report for now.

A Look Back At Old Posts

Most Beautiful Piece

Interesting Birthday Presents because the gift isn’t what is important.

Most Helpful Piece

Failing Zoology…Again Helpful as in I hope this prevents you from the same mistake.

Most Popular Piece

What I Could Have Done with $900
One of my earliest posts, but still one of my favorites about how much my dog cost me at the vet.

Most Controversial Piece

I’m not very controversial, but if it comes to virtually robbing someone I guess this will have to do.
Virtual Painting Heist of the Century
It is one of my favorites because I love to pull my blogging friends into a story against their will.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Why I’m Not Taking My Kids To The Grand Canyon
My first stick-figure post and a reminder of why my son owes me an easy job in his company in the future.

Most Underrated Piece

Shoe Shopping With My Son My personal favorite…an unlikely bonding experience with my son.

Most Pride Worthy Piece

Sticker Mania. Pride in that my kids are creative…I think.

Pass it on

Kelley’s Break Room

Good Day Regular People

Crapp Pictures – Someone who shares my love of stick figure art.

Simple Life Prattle

Mostly Bright Ideas

Telling DadHypertransitory

I’m a Bona Fide Versatile Blogger

versatile blogger award

A HUGE thanks to Brian from Unintimidated by Convention for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I greatly appreciate your thinking about me, Brian!

I’m guessing there are always nominations and no winners…so we are all winners. Regardless I’m all about starting out the new year with an award! WHOOO HOOOO!! Hold on while I switch to a fancy evening gown to accept it.

When you get the prestigious Versatile Blogger award, you have to:

1) Nominate 15 other bloggers. (Who is counting? I’d like to see them try to pry this award out of my hands for breaking rules.)
2) Inform them of the nomination.
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Add the Versatile Blogger logo to your post

My Nominations in no particular order except Alphabetical

Conjuring My Muse – Not only am I a huge fan of Margaret’s book The Benefactor, she writes a fun blog that I can relate too, except for the workout motivation part. I’m anxiously and impatiently awaiting her next novel…is it done yet? Is it done yet?

Courageously Creative – Brilliant painter by day, creative blogger by night. I’m a huge fan of David’s thought provoking posts, and it isn’t just because he’s married to my dearest cousin that I used to spend weeks with each summer. 🙂 Sorry David…the secret is out. You have to claim me.

Good Day Regular People – Alexandra, better known as The Empress, is the best. She’s all over the place, so often her posts point you to one of her many guest posts on another blog. She is the most giving person and spends most of her time promoting other bloggers. I was lucky enough to be featured on her blog one day which caused me to wonder why my traffic went completely crazy. She has that kind of magic.

Guilty Squid – She’s always on my top blog list, and she was one of the very first bloggers I started following. Not in a stalking way…in a reading way. She’s a hoot.

Hypertransitory – John is not only super talented at drawing comics, he’s very creative and funny. I’m in awe at his photoshop talents. I love that he occasionally shares “behind the scenes” videos of how he creates his art.

I’m Just Sharing – Mitch always has interesting conversations about a wide range of topics going on at his blog. I always walk away learning something new.

In Pursuit of It All – One of my favorite bloggers who always makes me smile. I’m a proud owner of a coffee mug from her original blog In Pursuit of Martha Points because I get +10 pts just for making coffee! Grab a box of tissue and watch her “Red Underwear” speech at BlogHer 11. It is my favorite story EVER and you won’t regret it. Alexandra is one of the speakers, too, and is hysterical!

Kelley’s Breakroom – Love her!! She makes me cry laughing. One of the most creative bloggers I’ve come across. She’s all over the place and does it hysterically.

Mostly Bright Ideas – I think Charles has received this award numerous times. He even hit the front page of WordPress.com with his blog…twice! He always offers a brilliant, humorous flashback to childhood that is as precious as an old photo.

Morpho Designs – Besides trying to make me look up words I don’t know in the dictionary, Mitch has been busy writing poetry in addition to the wide range of topics he offers on his blog. It’s always an education. Thanks Mitch for being such a HUGE supporter of my blog. I’m extremely grateful.

Simple Lift Prattle – Allan serves up a little of everything on his blog. Lately it has been making me feel very guilty for being such a bad handy woman as he’s been busy with some house projects that look amazing. I can’t begin to thank him for all the support he has given me over the last year. He rocks!

Telling Dad – What can I say? He’s just pure entertainment, so check him out. His hat? That just shows you how being uncool can be oh so cool.

The Meanest Mom – The first blog I religiously read on a daily basis. She is the funniest. She lives near me in Florida, so I can really related to her experiences moving down here from up North. Florida has some kookie stuff going on.

Seven things about me

  1. I think I’m a better at leaving comments than writing a blog. If only that was a profession.
  2. whole fish with eyeball

    Photo credited to creativejewishmom.com

    I once attended a Japanese family’s New Year’s celebration dinner where a whole entire fish was the centerpiece. You know…one with the eyeball still in it. The thought of it still creeps me out since it stared at me all through dinner.
  3. I hate glitterI hate glitter. It gets on everything and I find it on my face weeks later. Christmas craft projects are covered it in. Luckily things with glitter tend to disappear from my house like magic. I can’t explain it…bwaa haa haa.
  4. marilyn monroeWhen I was a kid I was OBSESSED with the Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe death conspiracy theories. I couldn’t read enough books about them. I passed this on to my daughter this Christmas holiday with a Marilyn Monroe book.
  5. robert downey jrAfter seeing Sherlock Holmes over the holidays, Brad Pitt, my long time love who just doesn’t know it yet, is getting kicked to the curb for Robert Downey Jr. since that movie has caused me to develop a crush on him.

    This is the kind of spontaneous irrational decision I make when I’ve had too much coffee. Brad come back…I was only joking!

  6. I kept all my kids’ baby teeth and I don’t know why. Are you suppose to just throw them away? Is this normal? Now I’m thinking they probably don’t want a baggie of bloody teeth as a graduation or wedding gift so I should rethink why I’m keeping them. I even labeled the date they lost them, so an anthropologist is going to love me in 200 years.
  7. flowers

    Photo credit: lmnob.com

    I played too much Skyrim (xbox) on my vacation. I know this because when I pulled up into my driveway and looked over at my neighbor’s flowerbed, my thoughts immediately went to wondering if I could harvest them to make a potion. Reality and gaming can get mixed up if you spend too much time playing. Let that be a lesson kids.

Go give a shout out to Brian over at Unintimidated by Convention and tell him I sent ya! The trip is FREE…my gift to you.

I hope 2012 brings everyone good health and happiness. Happy New Year!

A Stylish Award?…hold on let me change quick

Jessica Sieghart from Surely, You Jess! just nominated me for the prestigious Stylish Blogger Award. She said it was “prestigious” and I’m not going to argue with someone in those black boots she’s sporting. She’s a beauty queen, so I can’t even begin to reach her level of style. I assume that my award is smaller than hers and a result of the fashion trends I’m setting. Is this gold spray paint?

Receiving this award was like having the Ellen Show unexpectedly knock at your door with a camera. In front of a nationwide audience, I have been caught wearing sweats and a coffee-stained shirt. “Are you sure you are at the right house? Uhhhh….give me just a second”…*slams door shut*. I run to closet to rummage through outfits and shoes. “I’ll be right there!” I yell as I’m tossing shoes left and right.

Just like this...only with messed up hair and a coffee mug in my hand.

I return to the door in a glamorous evening gown, compose myself, and dramatically swing the door open and lean on the doorway in a fashion pose. “Thank you so much for this award. I’m truly honored and not worthy of it.” Little do I know I have 2 different shoes on. That, my friends, is how stylish I am, and why you won’t find my name mentioned in the word’s wiki.

Now I have to share 7 little known facts about me as an acceptance speech. I was all ready when my note cards fell on the floor after tripping over a Barbie due to my inability to wear high heels for over five minutes, so I’ll try to make this quick so I can return to my flip flops and get out of this itchy dress.

1) I won two second place ribbons in the Junior Olympics when I was in second grade in the 220 and 440 track events. I know it was just a local Junior Olympics, but I still to this day rank this as one of my greater accomplishments. Funny thing is I really hate running now. My kids would like me to NOT tell this story for the 100th time.

2) I can’t boil eggs correctly, my Jello is always runny, and my homemade Rice Krispy treats taste gummy and stale. It is the simple cooking tasks that throw me. Each Easter we color half-boiled eggs, and I pray they don’t break open.

3) At the grocery store, I try to lie to my kids and rush them by grocery cart section telling them there are no “car” carts left. That thing has all the grace of a semi truck down the aisle, and I’ve nearly taken out a canned vegetable display and three shoppers. I already have enough issues with my jeans there.

4) I’m scared of driving in the rain. This is my childhood best friend’s fault. Sorry to blame this on you, Kim. 🙂 She had just received her driver’s license, and we were on the way to the mall for the first time by ourselves. The clutch popped on a rainy road and we ended up backwards in a ditch. We were fine, but it was a long wait before we were able to attempt that again since it nearly gave our mothers a heart attack.

5) I’m a stickler for the dishwasher being loaded in a certain way. If a plate is in the wrong place I’m emotionally distraught.

6) In my house, sometimes the tooth fairy takes four days to visit. No excuses..it is just a random fact. She typically pays a guilt fine in addition to the dollar.

7) I love to learn new things. I seriously would go back to college in a heartbeat and get a 3rd degree. I would like to learn more in the IT field so I could hack into my xbox gamer tag and add some points to it and other useful things like that.

Now I have to nominate six people (a lot of my more stylish friends already have this award).

My six nominees are:

Kelley from Kelley’s Break Room because I like to go hang out there, and it isn’t just for the free Coke. She is so creative in coming up with conversations that get people talking, and she is just hysterical. It takes a special person to transform a simple break room into a stylish atmosphere of fun, and she pulls it off magnificently. If you haven’t see her monthly Captcha Balderdash check it out. That, my friends, is unique style that is priceless.

Greg from Telling Dad is my next nominee. Anyone that can sport a chef’s hat like he does in his new cooking show is just defining the word “style“. Can a Vogue fashion model pull off such a look? I think not. Greg may be a long lost brother, cousin, or 5th cousin twice removed because we seem to see things in a similar way.

Lori from In Pursuit of Martha Points attempts to earn Martha points in a quest to be Martha Sterwart-ish. Now that just screams STYLE. Of course if you calculate the negative Martha points we all seem to stay about neutral. The fact that she is even attempting to consider the purchase of some Lacy Unmentionables makes her Stylish Award worthy.

Mitch from Morpho Designs is by far the most stylish commentator a blogger could ever hope for. He by far makes me laugh the most with his comments on here. I enjoy his ability to write about math-related topics in a fun and creative way such as his post about Imaginary Numbers. Loving all things math and geeky (I mean that as a compliment, Mitch), I’m a huge fan. I like to tease him about his comments which always include vocabulary words I have to Google. He’s chuckling at the thought that I don’t know whether to take somethings as a compliment or not. He is reading the dictionary for fun – I’m certain of it.

Patricia from Lavender Uses is all style. Sometimes style doesn’t mean as much what you are wearing, but more that you have class, a realness, and a warmth in your personality that exudes style. Patricia fits this bill perfectly. Her lavender site is stylish and classy just like her.

Guilty Squid is my final nomination. Anyone that can get Steve Jobs to email them back while standing in the produce department is sporting style on a level the rest of us can only imagine. Read about that here. I’m now publicly begging and pleading for her to get some archives on her site because she is sitting on a goldmine of great older posts, and I have to do a lot of detective work to find them when I need to send a link to someone. She needs a featured list of all her Steve Jobs encounters which are just tear-inducing reads. She has her own amazing, genius, and unique style that makes her one of my favorites.

Aaaaaa..I’m done. *Kicks off heels*

Level Up


My gamer friends know how excited I get while earning achievements on my xbox 360, so you can imagine how insanely crazed I am when I unlock a real life achievement.

I used to be a cord untangling noob

I’ve been stuck at level 2 of the Cord Untangling Skill for three years despite the fact that my kids seem to bring me a set of ipod headphones to untangle on a daily basis. I still don’t know how they can get those things tied into 25 knots on top of each other.

New achievement unlocked

I just had to share my excitement over unlocking the next level and being promoted to Cord Untangler Pro Level 5. I know! I just zoomed right past 3 levels with this bad boy:

tangled cords

1 xbox headset and 3 sets of ipod headphones

Please note the award-winning knot the green arrow is pointing to, since this is what led me to victory.

Where is my prize?

The owner of this unbelievable mess assures me a certificate and prize is on its way. It better be pink Skull Candy headphones since they “disappeared” two days after I got them, and the guilty party hasn’t stepped forward. An investigation is currently underway.

I’m still waiting for my reward. 3 dirty socks and an empty Wendy’s bag can’t possibly be it. Right?

It must be stuck in the mail.

Be careful what you wish for

I am always putting crazy status updates on my personal Facebook page. I didn’t realize at the time what a simple request could turn into. Here is what started it all:

My son gets the last of his braces off today. One down, one with, and one more to go. Does this qualify for my name on a chair in the waiting room? I am there a lot. BTW I want the chair with the best view of the TV 😉

It’s not everyday that you are awarded your own chair in a waiting room.

That day I was honored with highest award a taxi mom can achieve for spending hours waiting in a waiting room. And it WAS the good one with the best view of the TV!!!

The staff apologized for the lack of helium balloons.

I might mention that I am friends with the Orthodontist’s wife. When she saw my status she called the office and had them print the following sign which was taped on the good chair:

reserved seating

I was speechless

When I walked in the door the staff was cracking up. I saw the sign immediately and knew what had happened. So I replied on Facebook from my iPhone:

I am so honored …uuuhhh… I lost the note cards of my acceptance speech. I feel like royalty. They are going to have to kick me out of my chair.

That morning I basked in all the glory of my recognition.

I was back last week without any fanfare. That’s OK. Once was enough. Besides no one can see I’m fooling around on Facebook from the bad chair in the corner.

Be careful what you wish for – all your dreams may come true.