Technically Superior Children of Today

cavemanLet’s face it. We are raising a generation of high-tech savvy children than make us look like cavemen banging rocks together. I consider myself pretty geeky when it comes to electronics, but the kids pick it up as naturally as holding a fork.

My son wasn’t even two when he first began using a computer. Easily navigating his educational game with the mouse while I cooked dinner, his only limitation seemed to be his size. He fell off the computer chair and busted his lip. Now almost 17, he can host his own server for online games and other technical marvels I can only admire in wonder.

mixing boardMy thirteen year old musician’s room houses a massive collection of electronic wires running from various instruments through an amp or mixing board and into the computer where she creates her own songs. Clipping, adding effects, and mixing sounds are simple to her.

Then there is my little six year old who has advanced skills when it comes to the workings of my iPhone. She enjoys recording audio clips on it in the car (I didn’t know it did that), and more than once I have come to her for advice.

My house is bursting with knowledge of all things electronic.

This is why it’s so hard for me to understand why it is the simple things that leave them staring blankly…

open bread bag with twistie tie

How does this thing work? Where is the plug?

The twisty tie on the bread bag is apparently complicated. I feel so smart that I know how to use it.


  1. Hate to admit it, but I would be banned from your house.. I throw that thing away! Too time consuming! lol

  2. Kimberly Gauthier says:

    My stepson knows everything. He’s not technically savvy, but that didn’t stop him from unplugging the internet lines so that he can redirect it to his new laptop and then get frustrated, because the password didn’t magically appear.

    It was pretty funny to watch. I finally hooked him up – he was surprised to see that “wireless” access had nothing to do with the wires behind the television.

    But he knows everything.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing you go your direction this year! Can’t wait to see even more benefitial posts from you!
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  4. Love it! Especially because it’s so true! It amazes me to watch my 4 year old play games on my laptop and now her Nintendo DSI. Thankfully I have a degree in computers so it’ll be awhile before she bypasses me in knowledge, but all she needs to do is figure out how to send and email and she’s got her father beat (and he barely knows how to do this…so sad)!

  5. Thanks Melinda for reminding me how old I am 🙁 It’s funny, I was the tech kid when I was younger. Technology wise I pretty much was the go to person for everyone. Now I feel like a moron. My 13 year old knows how to do Powerpoint, knows how to do all of office, etc. When I asked him where he learned how to do it, he says he never really did.

    Interesting enough, I am still young enough that I realize business can be conducted international on the internet. I wonder how my youngest 16 months is going to show me up technologically. Oh wait, I think she already has 🙂

  6. Hi Melinda

    Just try and imagine how this baby boomer technophobe feels with all the new gadgets … which I try and avoid for as long as possible lol

    My friends 4yr old usually keeps Aunty Pat right if I do have to acquire anything remotely techie. She rolls her eyes and sorts for me!

    But I DO know how to put the bread in the breadbin and what the tie is for 😉

    Patricia Perth Australia
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  7. My kids have the same issues, but they are only 5 and 4. But still I have decided that the simple things are now the most complex to figure out.
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  8. Allan Douglas

    Here I was oohing and aaahing over your younglings’ advanced skills – especially the 6 year old phone tech support adviser, and when I got to the twisty tie I burst out laughing. It’s SO TRUE! I’m sure glad there are still a few realms where we have superior knowledge. Thanks!

  9. Yep…I would SO be banned from your house
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  10. So glad I am not alone ! Just last week I wrote about the impending take -over we face because the kids are so close to out-smarting us…. funny, but true !
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  11. This post makes me laugh. What you have said here are all true. Now, the younger generation are not giving enough attention on little and simple things such as the twisted cord on the bread. haha

  12. I’ve lol’d because is true. Kids also changed the way they interact and actually play in the last 10 years. And we kinna walk into the unknown here, because its pretty strange, even for me.

    I’m 24 but I still had that “playing with a stick in the yard” childhood. Kids nowadays are virtually unfamiliar with that, some have a better understanding of the virtual world, like the internet, rather then the actual world.
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  13. Mitchell Allen

    Melinda, this was the funniest surprise of the year! I don’t know which is worse, no tie or the tie that’s not really tied. Ever upend a loaf of bread onto the floor because one of your little geniuses gave the twistie a half-nelson? {sigh}

    Beautiful post!



  14. Whenever my kids are not interested on doing something it’s the time they seem to not know what to do. I am not a hi-tech savvy person but whenever I want to learn things, I try to remind myself how fun and enjoyable it is to lessen the complication. It helps a lot.
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  15. I can relate to your experience. Its funny how they look so smart to things that seem complicated to us but ignorant to the simplest normal things.
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  16. Yeah its true the youth of today know a thing or two about online games and cheat codes. too bad that’s about all they know.

    We have to help them learn from history or they are doomed to repeat it.
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  17. OMG so true! I can’t believe how much these kids know! My six year old already knows how to run his Dad’s DJ equipment. We call him DJ Six 🙂
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  18. Hi Melinda, your post made me laugh, my son could type his name into a computer when he was four and he can use my camera phone better than me. It’s like second nature to kids these days!

    Elaine x
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  19. ya melinda it is really true.
    Thanx for this article..
    Its really funny.

  20. Twist ties are a nuisance. I chuck ’em in the trash and just use the “spin and tuck” method. Bread stays just as fresh and I save precious milliseconds every time I need a sandwich.
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  21. I fully agree with you. Today’s new generation is far ahead of the old generations in learning the technology and new gadgets. It comes naturally to them. However, sometimes they lag behind in other conventional things, for example they won’t learn mathematics fast since their mind is always in a smartphone.
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  22. And to think how a couple of hot wheels could occupy the imagination and day when I was a child. When it came to the bread I would at least take the plastic put it in a pony tail and tuck it under the loaf..
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  23. I’ve always been baffled by video game controllers. My son used to invite me to play against him, and no matter how many buttons I’d push, or in what combination, nothing ever happened. Eventually he’d just get mad and grab it out of my hand. But I feel better now, because I know how to use the twisty tie. Great post, Melinda.
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  24. Wait… your child’s helpful instructions come with snarky attitudes that reveal their utter disdain of your stupidity? Cuz my 13 yo grandson can’t answer any simple tech question, like – is that an i-phone?- without that lovely attitude and rolling his eyes at the same time. Just answer the question because really, I don’t know the answer!! Geez!! I am thrilled they know how to do this stuff but simple manners would make me happier!
    But I am awesome with a bread tie and opening the dishwasher to put a dish inside. They are completely without the knowledge to do that. Among many other things……

  25. The twist tie is easy what about those stupid plastic tabs that are supposed to fit around a twisted bag of bread without breaking in half the first time you try to put it back on.

    It is sad though, I just came across a book on how to get your kids to play outside. Call me old but when we were kids I only came inside to eat or sleep – now the only time kids play in the dirt is when they are playing farmville – oh wait maybe that’s me. Boy how things have changed.
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  26. If your kids are so technically savvy, then why haven’t they managed to hack your blog and take down this post humiliating them? Never mind, though; I’m sure they’ve humiliated themselves more on Facebook, of their own free will.
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  27. ya melinda it is really true it’s good article i think i want to share with my friends also.
    Thanx for this article..
    Its really funny.
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  30. when it comes to technology children are fast learners. New generation kids are doing amazing feets with technology. But the question is are they in full control with their life without technology? What about the less EQ (Emotional Quotient) new generation is possessing?
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  31. Yes, it is truly astonishing how tech savvy today’s youngsters are. Easily using high tech gadgets seem like second nature to them. I like the point raised by another person here about kids no longer going out to play. Seems like most kids I know play multiplayer games at home on their consoles with their next door neighbors. I also worry they get too technology dependent.

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  32. True that.
    To be honest with my 23 years I felt kinda all-knowing when it came to technology.
    Till I saw my 8 years old cousin who hosts his own WoW server and starts programming his own iPhone apps. I felt kinda old and yeah not up to date.

    But that’s the circle of life.

    At least I know how to set up a camp in the woods! Something he will probably never do.
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  33. Twist Tie? I guess I could be dating myself but we still have a bread box. Or we throw everything into large zip lock bags. Lol

    My 7 year old will walk up to me to ask me a question and always stops mid sentence and say “I’ll just google it, thanks anyway.” I like it, but can’ help but to wonder about the long term affect of her being able to come to dear old dad for advice.
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  34. I’ve lol’d because is true. Kids also changed the way they interact and actually play in the last 10 years. And we kinna walk into the unknown here, because its pretty strange, even for me.

    I’m 24 but I still had that “playing with a stick in the yard” childhood. Kids nowadays are virtually unfamiliar with that, some have a better understanding of the virtual world, like the internet, rather then the actual world.
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  35. ho ho they are amezing
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  36. Its true . Thanks Melinda for reminding me how old I am It’s funny, I was not the tech kid when I was younger, but now i can realise those things.

  37. Hello Melinda, Basically internet is the best thing which we can use with the help of computer and then can learn a lot of valuable stuff of “all type”. There are tons of online tutorials of every type, which are enough to learn something new everyday.
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  38. This is Technical World and the todays childrens are the future of this world,so we have to provide all thing which is helpful for our childern to learn about latest technology.
    Thank you

  39. In todays generation childrens are going so advanced that it will be difficult to manage them in future. they will totally depend on technology. it’s going to be a fast forward generation .
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  40. Thats true ,todays generation’s childrens are so many advanced in technology.but it is good for him/her as well as harmful also because totally dependency on to the technology i think not good.
    Thank You

  41. That’s true that children are tech savvy these days but twisting the bag is not an issue. It was too funny to read. Would come back to read more.
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