Sticker Mania


Little one has a sticker addiction

I Googled addiction and found that she has the following symptoms:

  • Resentful Attitudes – Angry over not getting the $4.00 Winnie The Pooh sticker pack at the store last night.
  • Risky Behaviors – Attempting to steal my scrapbook stickers.
  • Mood Swing – Throwing fits in stores because she can’t have more.

My dislike for stickers is similar to my feelings toward glitter. It just makes a mess and ends up where it doesn’t belong.

After the Barbie car was covered beyond recognition with stickers, I was reminded of an incident that occurred about two years ago.

I was distracted

I was sitting at my desk busily totaling orders for the school pizza fundraiser (this is before I learned to check caller ID and say “no”). With ninja-like stealth, she sneaked past me and found the mother load: an unopened package of 64 stickers. Knowing I was occupied, she set off to work.

Sharing stickers

First, she decorated her wall with a few strategically placed stickers. She must have thought it was beautiful and wanted to share. Decorating continued in the living room, the front hallway, the kitchen, and Sissy’s room. Lucky for her brother, she ran out before getting that far.

The discovery

I was still working when Sissy arrived home and angrily demanded to know why the stickers were on her wall. Was this some sort of joke? I ran to the room to see what all the commotion was about, and I found little one proudly pointing at the result of her creativity. She said one word…”Stickers”.

Oh…you probably would like to know what the stickers looked like, huh?

Cause that would explain why this is funny…

Scroll down.

I don’t want to spoil it for you…

A Sticker


I spent weeks convinced that there was one left…and that visiting company would find it.


  1. Yippee you’re back. Two days with no humour….very sad. My niece who is now doing graphic design at college also had a thing with stickers. They were everywhere. My Mum who as an adoring Nana would of course get her more and she would duly stick them on as many pieces of paper that my Mum would supply her with. Better than on her brother’s wall I guess. Your little one sounds like both a challenge and adorable all rolled into one 🙂
    Patricia Perth Australia
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    • It was funny. My older daughter was horrified and amused at the same time. I can’t believe she thought I did it? Like that was my graphic for having “the talk” about such things.

  2. Morning coffee and computer time has been way better since I met you, Melinda! This is a riot! (you know there is one stuck somewhere else somewhere in your house, right?) Has to be! Thanks for the laugh!!
    Jessica Sieghart recently posted..Just NumbMy Profile

    • I bet if I moved the piano there is one behind it. We laughed so hard because she really thought they were stickers. 64 papers lying around on the floor wasn’t fun cleaning up either.

  3. I was just innocently noodling around the internet, loudly bemoaning the fact that I pay about a million dollars for cable TV and there is absolutly nothing to watch when I began to read this post. Now the cable thing doesn’t seem so bad. Hilarious and mortifying all at once.


    ……still laughing!
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  4. OMG!! LOL! Well, they have sticky goo on the back so they must be stickers right? Thank you for this Melinda, you just made my day, again! 😀

  5. Well, my jaw dropped. I tell you, this would absolutely go viral on the email circuit!
    That was funny. It is so endearing how our children define their world.


    Mitchell Allen recently posted..FTC – Failure To CommunicateMy Profile

  6. LMBO………like Mitch I wasn’t expecting that! Too Funny Mel. Too funny!
    Lee recently posted..Big Brother Episode 28 Matt and Ragan Come Clean You Might Be SurprisedMy Profile

  7. peeing in my pants laughing!! haha

  8. that’s hilarious…kids rock! Except when their your kids doing that sort of stuff. Ha! I recently attempted to go to the bathroom (by myself) BIG big MISTAKE! I get situated and all of a sudden my oldest started yelling “MOM”…I went running…She says “Mom, just don’t look”. I thought oh GOD what has ‘she’ done; my 2 1/2 year old daughter managed to push a chair to a table, scoot across the table, onto another table, pull down an almost full gallon of paint, get off table with paint, remove lid and proceed to paint a strip on the bathroom wall, carry paint into another room (manage to carry wet paint brush and paint without spilling or dripping-impressive) and started to paint. I guess she got board because she decides to pour it onto the floor and over the chair she was dragging around. Oh, and she was covered in paint. It was so NOT funny ~ at first! I found your blog while visiting another blog ~ so glad I did. Hope you will visit my blog I am now following you Thanks, Amy
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