Give Me All the Juicy Details

kindergarten playgroundEach afternoon I anticipate little one’s rendition of the dramas of Kindergarten such as:

  • Jenny spilled her lunch tray.
  • Laura was hanging upside down on the monkey bars and showed her underwear.
  • Buster cried because Michael called him a “poopy head”.

I get this riveting conversation instead:

How was school?


What did you do today?

I don’t know.

Were you there?


Phew. I was worried you were skipping school at 5 years old.

What was your favorite thing you did today?

I don’t know.

Did you play outside on the playground?

I don’t know.

You don’t remember if you went outside?

No. I don’t remember.

Was your friend there today?

I don’t know!

Now she is getting irritated at the questioning.

Oh yeah!!! I got a sticker on my chart today!!

Oh great! NOW we’re getting somewhere.

So what did you DO to get the sticker?

I don’t know.


  1. LOL, I’ve been asking the same questions of my 5 year old granddaughter. You’re lucky. You’re at least getting “I don’t know”s. I’m getting “the blank stare”. Helllooooo??? Anyone in there??? Yoohoo!!! I look forward to an “I don’t know”. That will be progress. 🙂
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    • Hi Donna! Yes I agree a blank stare is worse. I’m was beginning to wonder if I had the only senile five year old. You can tell where the priorities are…getting stickers to get to the treasure box.

  2. Marianne - The Sister... says:

    LOL! One of these days you’ll be thinking back to this as she’s talking your ear off!

  3. So it’s name, rank and serial number, I see!

    She’s good at stonewalling. Are you sure she’s not a spy? What’s her poker face like?

    We may ever know the truth of what happened that day…
    John recently posted..Hypertransitory Monday Comics #1My Profile

  4. These moments are so beautiful, they look so pleasant and they have so much of grace in them. I feel children can always a great childhood that can be used for the best kind of memory and also this is also one of the best kind of fun filled post I have come across to read. But the blank stare will be a memory for you.
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  5. Sounds like the conversations that I have with my partner’s adult boys!!
    jan recently posted..Lack of sleep and weight gainMy Profile

  6. ALSO… I can’t believe I forgot about this but if you ever saw “You Can’t Do That on Television” on Nickelodeon back in the day then you’ll remember that whenever the kids would say “I don’t know” then they would have disgusting slime rained down on them! hilarious!

    whenever they would say “water”, they would get water dumped on them. That’ll learn ’em real quick-like 🙂
    John recently posted..Hypertransitory Monday Comics #1My Profile

  7. You must be my disorganized half. Sigh.
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  8. Weird. Sounds like the same conversation I used to have with our 16-year old. Until I counter attacked.

    I would always ask him what he’d learned that day and he’d reply with either, “I don’t know” or “Nothing.”

    So, when he gave that answer I made him sit down and write me a three-paragraph report on whatever topic I conjure up. Ancient pyramids, metamucil, Mayan urns. Whatever. He has to research it, write the paper, and tell me what he learned.

    Today, I get a full blown report on what he’s learning and “I don’t know” has been officially replaced with knowledge.

    Might not work with a kindergartner though. Unless you force her to sit down and draw you circles.
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  9. Were you there?


    What ….?

    Just imagining 🙂

  10. OH NO… She’s become a TEENAGER at age five! You poor thing!
    Allan Douglas recently posted..Book review: In Her Name – EmpireMy Profile

    • Yes I think so. Based on her knowledge of Degrasse, pretending to shave her legs, and Ken and Barbie going to the prom and making out…I’m frightened. All knowledge compliments of the 13 year old sister.

  11. I too am raising a fabulous “story teller” only mine usually says, “I don’t want to talk about it right now” lol

  12. Now that’s the way to avoid answering any questions. I don’t know! Maybe I’ll use that the next time someone irritates me. Think it will work? That’s too funny!!!

  13. Damien Riley

    Great photo! My kids answer me like that until I am busy blogging or otherwise working. In those times they open up to the point of annoyance 😉 Murphy’s law of parenting.

  14. This was all very familiar. Then, tonight at dinner, information was freely offered about wee one’s day. I was thinking “who are you and what have you done with my son?” 😉
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  15. I always got irritated why my mother started asking lots of casual question every time I came home from school. But somehow I missed that when she didn’t do it and I would start telling her myself.

  16. Wow, the stimulating conversations I’m missing by not having kids. lol You know, I don’t remember if my mother ever asked me any questions when I came home. There weren’t many years when my mother or father were home when I came home from school, which probably explains it. I bet she’s learned those responses from the older kids.
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  17. I think kids have meetings and teach each other stuff when the parents aren’t around. There’s no other explanation.
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  18. Sally Thompson says:

    haha! This is so true.. In the end the answer is still I don’t know.. Thanks for sharing!
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  19. hahaha, that was funny! very interesting conversation. it still ends up to “i don’t know”. lol lemme try asking this questions to my six year old nephew 😀
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  20. lol so cute! that conversation gave me a good laugh.
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  21. Very cute conversation!lol Even if it’s like irritating to get an answer like that..hahaha!

  22. WOW, I think I am in the middle of a time warp and Melinda is my mom. I can remember having this conversation before and I gave the exact same answers. How crazy is that. Seriously though, how do you get kids to interact more with their parents? Parents, what have been your experience with this conversation?