Word Games and Draw Something Crazy

scramble scoreI’m back! My latest adventures will come later.

In the meantime, I’ve been entertaining myself and torturing my friends with the iPhone/Droid game Scramble. Being severely Words-With-Friends-challenged due to a 3-or-4-letter-word-limit issue, I thought this would be better for me.

It’s like Boggle…and still a word game…so I should have known better.

I have a better shot of flying to the moon with cardboard wings than winning a match.

Certain that I hear groans four states away when I push the “Play Again” button, I can’t be swayed to give it up. That angel wearing Nikes on my shoulder keeps whispering “Just do it!” Beaming with pride, I’m showing off my improved performance…up from the previous 1/4 of my opponent’s score.

This led to the next gaming adventure…

My stick-figure drawing skills have come in handy with Draw Something

If you aren’t familiar with this game, you draw something and send it to a friend. They have to guess what you drew and then send you a drawing back. My kids and I have been laughing our heads off!

Even the six year old has been playing despite a few reading mishaps such as drawing “spin” when the word was “spine”. Deciphering her pictures is similar to CIA code breaking. If you don’t respond immediately, she wanders the house to find you. The backed up laundry is proof she’s pretty insistent. “What’s taking so long?!”

I thought I would test my readers’ interpretation skills in trying to figure out my kids’ drawings.

My Awesome Blog Reader Test

Put your answers in the comments if you feel up to the challenge…





5) BONUS CHALLENGE – Brought to you by my 17-year-old son who likes to make every drawing difficult

Good luck!

UPDATE: Find the answers on my Facebook page.


  1. LOL! These look hard, but I’m going to take a shot:
    1. Tears or trying mommy’s eye shaddow
    2. Chin (apparently Leno’s)
    3. Something about an angry baby with toy and blankie
    4. Something to do with toys strewn across the floor or maybe a picnic
    5. Dapper penguin drinking hot “T”
    I’m going back to Words With Friends now…

  2. Ohhhhh I love Draw Something! We’ll have to play together πŸ˜‰ I’m going to guess….

    1. Tears 2. Chin 3. Muzic πŸ™‚ I’m stumped. 4. Picnic 5. i’m clueless….

  3. If suspect number 5 would remove his hat, then I could clearly identify whether or not it was him in the library with the candle stick I’m not sure if we are playing the same game, but it’s nice that your back Melinda!
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  4. Draw Something is my new addiction! It could not have come at a worst time seeing as I’m studying for my finals but I love doing a few cheeky doodles now and then with my friends! I found it really hard at first to make my drawings recognisable but the software is quite easy to get used to in the end.
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  5. OMG I love both those games! My cousin who is 10 years younger than me is kicking my ass in Words with Friends using all kinds of two letter words I\’ve never even heard of! WTF?!?Then there\’s DrawSomething… I feel for the person who plays that game with me. To say I\’m challenged is putting it nicely.Here are my guesses for your the pictures:1. Tears2. Moon3. No clue…even when looking at the available letters, so I\’m going with Dumpy. LOL4. My first thought was checkers, but then the letters weren\’t there. So….picnic.5. CupsAre you going to come back and tell us if we\’re right? I know it means nothing, but I\’m stupid like that. I want to know what the pictures are! LOL

  6. Mitchell Allen

    Hi Melinda, welcome back! These are reflections of my feelings during your absence:
    TEARS dribbling down my CHIN when I hadn’t seen a post from you in ages.
    I got a little MUDDY – probably from the tears, but that’s wrong, right?
    Now that you’re back, I’m planning a PICNIC to celebrate your return.
    If the weather’s bad, we’ll just have duck SOUP.

    So, now I’m going to paste this from Notepad and see what everyone else thought.

    Funny thing, though. You’re back, I’m out. LOL



  7. Allan Douglas

    It is SO good to have you back Mel!!

    I am developmentally challenged: I have no smart phone. Therefore I have NO IDEA how to play those games or what they’re looking for.

    I guess this makes me techno-autistic?

  8. Although I’m a big fan of Iphone hames, I’ve never heard about Scramble before. My favorite game has been scrabble for a couple of years, so I don’t need to be assured:)
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  9. This has been a great game, but it got old quick so I am really hoping that OMGPop adds a little more flavor to the game in upcoming updates.

  10. I love Draw Something! We’ll have to play together I’m going to guess….
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  11. Maryden25 says:

    Well.. Let me try this:
    1. Tears
    2. Chin
    3. Music
    4. Picnic blanket (top view)
    5. Duck having a cup of tea
    I hope I have a good guess..
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  13. Welcome back Melinda ! this is my guess and i hope i got it right. lol! 1. wound with a band aid 2. Chin 3. a baby boy holding a t- shirt and diaper lol! 4. box of chocolate with a different shapes 5. Duck smelling the aroma of the tea. Thanks and i’m looking forward on your next post!
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  14. Hi Melinda! well come back.
    Game” draw something crazy” is looking very interesting. Frankly speaking i am also fond of such type of games. But right now i am feeling difficult to answer the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck!
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  15. I went through a massive DrawSomething craze where I was spending 30-45 minutes on each picture but making them really awesome. Google ‘best of draw something’ to see some insane examples of whats possible with enough time – but make sure you get a stylus for your iphone if you want to give it a try as your finger just isn’t as accurate.
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