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Margaret Reyes Dempsey from Conjuring My Muse passed along the 7 x 7 Award. After assuring myself that it wasn’t a “Laziest Blogger” award which I truly deserve lately, I was thrilled! I also think this was a sly attempt at distracting me from pestering her about her next novel. (Loved The Benefactor!) Then I got worried this had to do with a math matrix 7 x 7, so boy was I relieved it was much simpler than that.

The rules to the 7 x 7 Link Award are simple:

  • Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody else knows.
  • Link to a post I think fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, Most Pride Worthy Piece.
  • Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.

I always hate how older posts get lost way in the back, and it is always fun to bring a few back up to the spotlight. I really enjoyed reading Margaret’s list of blog posts.

Something nobody knows

Every character has a tragic flaw…and mine is nail biting. Yep! I said it! There is a talent to retrieving your knocked off acrylic nail from the ground with grace, and I have mastered it.

My latest hair-brained attempt to kick the habit is borrowing my child’s “stop thumb sucking” paint-on stuff so I can try it on my nails and see if some magic happens. The only thing stopping me is the image of my wiping my eye and the burning sensation that would result. The Sally Hansen nail company can go forward with the next quarter’s profit report for now.

A Look Back At Old Posts

Most Beautiful Piece

Interesting Birthday Presents because the gift isn’t what is important.

Most Helpful Piece

Failing Zoology…Again Helpful as in I hope this prevents you from the same mistake.

Most Popular Piece

What I Could Have Done with $900
One of my earliest posts, but still one of my favorites about how much my dog cost me at the vet.

Most Controversial Piece

I’m not very controversial, but if it comes to virtually robbing someone I guess this will have to do.
Virtual Painting Heist of the Century
It is one of my favorites because I love to pull my blogging friends into a story against their will.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Why I’m Not Taking My Kids To The Grand Canyon
My first stick-figure post and a reminder of why my son owes me an easy job in his company in the future.

Most Underrated Piece

Shoe Shopping With My Son My personal favorite…an unlikely bonding experience with my son.

Most Pride Worthy Piece

Sticker Mania. Pride in that my kids are creative…I think.

Pass it on

Kelley’s Break Room

Good Day Regular People

Crapp Pictures – Someone who shares my love of stick figure art.

Simple Life Prattle

Mostly Bright Ideas

Telling DadHypertransitory


  1. Allan Douglas

    Oooohhh… I see I’ve been tagged: I’m IT. OK, I’m up for it.

    I don’t remember a couple of the pieces you identified, I’ll have to go back and read them before I leave. (But then I guess that IS the purpose isn’t it?)

    Nail biter huh? Tsk, tsk. I have an answer for that: take up gardening. Working in the dirt and composted cow manure for a few hours will make you think twice about sticking your finger in your mouth ‘ah garonteeee’!

    Thanks Mel!

  2. This was great. A lot of these posts are ones you wrote before we met. It was fun to catch up. 🙂

    I can totally relate to your son and shoe shopping. I HATE to shop. That was a pretty good idea he had, in my opinion.

    The birthday post had me wincing and cringing at the same time. Yikes!!! I’d have needed therapy after that.
    Margaret Reyes Dempsey recently posted..7 x 7 Link AwardMy Profile

  3. Shoe shopping with your son; now that’s funny! Glad you didn’t name me because I did one of these what, 2 or 3 years ago? Done! lol
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Dr. King Would Feel BetterMy Profile

  4. I also had that mannerism when I was a child and during times when I am worried and stressed. This 7×7 thing looks interesting. And I’ll make sure to check out all those old posts you got. Thanks!
    Danica Litton recently posted..MSDSonline Management Partners with ICG Group, to Acquire MSDSonline from Existing InvestorsMy Profile

  5. Claudette says:

    Thanks for sharing this great post…I can totally relate to your son and shoe shopping. I HATE to shop. That was a pretty good idea he had, in my opinion.I love shoes..
    Claudette recently posted..Fibroids Miracle Book Review – Does it really work?My Profile

  6. This is creative. And it’s a good way to reach out to those that you have admired but maybe haven’t told them enough. Builds relationships and trust.
    Jim Jenks recently posted..Melaleuca Moms – Idaho Company Helps Moms Stay HomeMy Profile

  7. Melinda, you picked some good posts to share! I’m glad you’re back, too!


    Mitchell Allen recently posted..Maru the Go-Go DollMy Profile

  8. I remember most of those older posts of yours. My favorite (I think) was “Virtual Painting Heist of the Century,” because I still love that word, heist.

    Congratulations on the award, Melinda, and thank you for passing it on.
    Charles Gulotta recently posted..Funnel VisionMy Profile

  9. Hey! I just saw this! Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 Love the way you pointed out your posts. You always make me laugh. I love everything you write!
    Kelley recently posted..The 5 Types of Pillows: Which one is your homeboy?My Profile

  10. I don’t know why I stumble on this so late but, yeah. Nail biting?
    I bet your family already knows about that, I had that when I was young and I always tried to hide it but somehow always did it unconsciously staring out into nothing.
    I don’t really remember how I stopped, guess, one day, I just forgot.
    Cristian Balau recently posted..Antioxidants save the dayMy Profile

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  12. hi,

    I like your article!! I also had that mannerism when I was a child and during times when I am worried and stressed. I like your title 7 x 7 . It seems good!!

    Thanks for share with me!!
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  13. This product definitely has helped my three year old break the thumb sucking habit, but it should be used cautiously. The first time I put it on her thumbs, I painted the entire nail. She complained all day about the “yuckies” whenever her thumb accidently touched her lips (for example when she was eating her snack using her fingers). At bedtime, she stuck her thumb in her mouth and got a full taste which caused her to gag and throw up several times. (This is the simplified version of the story! You really don’t want all the details of the hour long ordeal!) Of course, this product is not designed to come off easily (the instructions say to apply every TWO DAYS!) so I had to figure out how to get her through the night. I finally used nail polish remover to try to remove the product from her thumbs. I’m not sure if it worked, or if my daughter was just too traumatized to put her thumb in her mouth after that, but she didn’t gag or throw up again. Now, I do still use the product but I only apply a very small amount to the tip of her thumb nail. As a side note, while preventing her from sucking her thumb, it also has effected her eating habits. Any time she eats anything with her fingers and gets a tast of the Mavala Stop product, she decides that she no longer likes that particular food! So, if you plan to use this on a young child, you might want to start out applying a minimal amount to the tip of the thumbnail, and be aware that the effects may be more far-reaching than you intend.
    Michael Cote recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  14. Awesome article It’s so informative.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing ideas 🙂
    Mariem recently posted..How To: Make Money Online With your BlogMy Profile

  15. What did YOU pick up from this collection? I personally am IN LOVE with the Parrot eye shadow (it’s a long-time favorite of mine) and the Rimal Dahabia quad which is perfect for every day. The Reflects Glitters are also a fav of mine. Also cannot get over how smooth and pigmented the Chromographic Pencils are. What are your favorites?
    Brice T. Bryan recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile