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Getting the most out of life by looking at the positive. I love anything funny!

You Know You Are A Slack Blogger When…

  • You can’t remember the password for your blog. Obviously I got in after a few tries. I’m practically a hacker.
  • Fellow bloggers contact you to see if you are alright/alive. (Thanks Charles! You are too sweet.)
  • You keep getting distracted by Scramble, making popcorn, organizing a closet to find a shoe, organizing apps into folders or anything else you can think of to avoid writing.
  • You weigh sleep in as most important at the moment. We all know bloggers don’t sleep.

HI! I’m hoping to get my mojo back soon and return. In the meantime you can find me on Facebook posting useless crap brilliant tidbits of inspiration live from the school pickup line. Stop by and say hi!

I will leave you with my newest guilty pleasure. @sarcasticrover
If you aren’t following him on Twitter, you must! He is hysterical and I have a huge crush on his sense of humor.


Imaginary Smiles

red tricycleToday’s story isn’t so much funny as it is a reminder of how unexpected experiences in life can touch you in dramatic ways and make you stop for a moment in time and realize what is truly important. This weekend, my heart was touched by Ben.

Ben is only two years old.

He is also one of the younger residents at the local not-for-profit organization serving foster care children who have been removed from their homes due to physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Little one’s girls scout troop teamed up with an older troop for a service project funded by the proceeds they received from all that work selling cookies. We arrived at the facility, located on a vast plot of land deep within the tranquil woods, with the mission to serve up some fun.

About 23 kids ranging in age from nine months to about thirteen were treated to pizza, dessert, a few rounds of bingo, and gift baskets full of toys and books for each home unit. The girl scouts were to partner up with the younger ones to help them play.

As the kids excitedly ran into the festively decorated meeting room, I felt a hug on my leg. Looking down I found the sweet, smiling face of Ben looking up at me.

He skipped over to take a seat at his normal dinner chair out of routine, and I took the seat next to his to help him play Bingo. More interested in wrapping his tiny hand around two of my fingers, he wasn’t much for conversation. Following my instructions, he would fold the tab of the numbers.

His sister arrived to sit by his side. Obviously wiser than her three short years, she lovingly checked to make sure he was alright as he adoringly stared at her as if she was his whole world. Obviously her presence was a comfort to him.

After Bingo was over, Ben suddenly had a change in attitude and shot me a scowling look while pouting in the chair.

Teasingly I asked, “Ben…are you sitting on your smiles?”

Laughter erupted from his tiny mouth as he leaned to his side in order to grab up the invisible smile beneath him. Again and again he motioned that he had more smiles he was sitting on as he giggled and placed them on his face while saying “More smiles”.

Leaning down to his level, I softly whispered, “Ben, if you are ever feeling grumpy or sad, just remember it’s because you are sitting on your smiles.”

Later we were all out on the playground, and Ben walked a red, pedal-less tricycle around a small concrete circle and playfully attempted to run me over a few times saying “gotcha!”

The lack of pedals made it impossible to ride properly, and I remembered I had just donated a tricycle months earlier. I wished I still had it to bring to Ben. Not even beginning to imagine what trauma these angels have endured, you want to reach out and hug them all…and give them the world.

All to quickly it was time to go, and I walked over to Ben, still circling on the sidewalk. “You take care, Buddy. OK?”

He turned to look at me with a sad expression and then motioned for me to wait. He dismounted the trike in order to remove a lone imaginary smile from the seat. Placing it on his face, he grinned from ear to ear.

These kids had a rare treat, the caregivers felt special, and 15 girls scouts saw what it’s all about.

In the journey of life, everyone deserves pedals. I’ll see that Ben gets just that.

What A Cookie Can Do

2000 boxes of cookiesThat was the theme for this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Sale, and I can tell you what it can do…send the cookie mom to the crazy house.

The year started out in the midst of being Cookie Mom for my six-year-old’s Daisy troop. When 2000 boxes of cookies arrived at my home and filled a room, my kids thought we’d won the lottery.

This is what heaven looks like to Cookie Monster.

Stupid lady saying yes I'll do itI got all excited at the word “cookie” and screamed “I’ll do it!” without first reading the job description. The fine print that should have been included:

Two months of your life will be sacrificed…you will never get them back. Your house will fall apart while simultaneously being transformed into a warehouse. You will do more math than you have seen since High School and the red tape of paperwork rivals that of the Pentagon. You will also gain 10 to 15 pounds thanks to the convenience of purchasing Samoas from the comfort of your living room at 2am so good luck with that.

2012 suckers guide to selling cookiesSeems simple. Just sell cookies. They practically sell themselves, but there is an entire notebook full of paperwork and rules to follow. Inventory to track. Incentives and patches to order.

After a month of presales was complete, a month of booth duty followed. This consists of loading up cases of cookies, a table, cash box, and two 6 year olds who have the cuteness factor working for them.

I remember being a girl scout and wanting that 100 cookie sale patch so badly I could taste the thread I would be using to sew it on. It never happened. My daughter gets the 250 box patch! She’s cuter, a better salesman, and much more determined. Needless to say I did not go into sales.

The trash men are probably trying to get a glimpse of the crazy person who is eating cookies by the case. This was a light day with only 3 boxes.

Then there was all the excitement of constantly counting money with distractions.
counting cookie money

If that wasn’t enough to do, this is the time:
bad hair

  • My oven died
  • My daughter decided that cutting Barbie’s hair wasn’t as fun as taking a chuck out of her own…to the scalp. This photo is the painful regrowth process we are enduring.
  • Taxes
  • Millions of practices for 4 MPA (Music Practice Assessment) performances for 2 kids (band AND orchestra)
  • Little one lost her precious blankie.
  • A million other distractions keeping me from blogging – including addictions to Scramble and Draw Something.

So now that I’m officially done with cookies, I hope to be here more often again. This post is to remind me next year to just say “no”. I did my time.

7 x 7 Award | Takes It And Runs Away

Margaret Reyes Dempsey from Conjuring My Muse passed along the 7 x 7 Award. After assuring myself that it wasn’t a “Laziest Blogger” award which I truly deserve lately, I was thrilled! I also think this was a sly attempt at distracting me from pestering her about her next novel. (Loved The Benefactor!) Then I got worried this had to do with a math matrix 7 x 7, so boy was I relieved it was much simpler than that.

The rules to the 7 x 7 Link Award are simple:

  • Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody else knows.
  • Link to a post I think fits the following categories: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful Piece, Most Popular Piece, Most Controversial Piece, Most Surprisingly Successful Piece, Most Underrated Piece, Most Pride Worthy Piece.
  • Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.

I always hate how older posts get lost way in the back, and it is always fun to bring a few back up to the spotlight. I really enjoyed reading Margaret’s list of blog posts.

Something nobody knows

Every character has a tragic flaw…and mine is nail biting. Yep! I said it! There is a talent to retrieving your knocked off acrylic nail from the ground with grace, and I have mastered it.

My latest hair-brained attempt to kick the habit is borrowing my child’s “stop thumb sucking” paint-on stuff so I can try it on my nails and see if some magic happens. The only thing stopping me is the image of my wiping my eye and the burning sensation that would result. The Sally Hansen nail company can go forward with the next quarter’s profit report for now.

A Look Back At Old Posts

Most Beautiful Piece

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Most Popular Piece

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One of my earliest posts, but still one of my favorites about how much my dog cost me at the vet.

Most Controversial Piece

I’m not very controversial, but if it comes to virtually robbing someone I guess this will have to do.
Virtual Painting Heist of the Century
It is one of my favorites because I love to pull my blogging friends into a story against their will.

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece

Why I’m Not Taking My Kids To The Grand Canyon
My first stick-figure post and a reminder of why my son owes me an easy job in his company in the future.

Most Underrated Piece

Shoe Shopping With My Son My personal favorite…an unlikely bonding experience with my son.

Most Pride Worthy Piece

Sticker Mania. Pride in that my kids are creative…I think.

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Word Games and Draw Something Crazy

scramble scoreI’m back! My latest adventures will come later.

In the meantime, I’ve been entertaining myself and torturing my friends with the iPhone/Droid game Scramble. Being severely Words-With-Friends-challenged due to a 3-or-4-letter-word-limit issue, I thought this would be better for me.

It’s like Boggle…and still a word game…so I should have known better.

I have a better shot of flying to the moon with cardboard wings than winning a match.

Certain that I hear groans four states away when I push the “Play Again” button, I can’t be swayed to give it up. That angel wearing Nikes on my shoulder keeps whispering “Just do it!” Beaming with pride, I’m showing off my improved performance…up from the previous 1/4 of my opponent’s score.

This led to the next gaming adventure…

My stick-figure drawing skills have come in handy with Draw Something

If you aren’t familiar with this game, you draw something and send it to a friend. They have to guess what you drew and then send you a drawing back. My kids and I have been laughing our heads off!

Even the six year old has been playing despite a few reading mishaps such as drawing “spin” when the word was “spine”. Deciphering her pictures is similar to CIA code breaking. If you don’t respond immediately, she wanders the house to find you. The backed up laundry is proof she’s pretty insistent. “What’s taking so long?!”

I thought I would test my readers’ interpretation skills in trying to figure out my kids’ drawings.

My Awesome Blog Reader Test

Put your answers in the comments if you feel up to the challenge…





5) BONUS CHALLENGE – Brought to you by my 17-year-old son who likes to make every drawing difficult

Good luck!

UPDATE: Find the answers on my Facebook page.

Preppy People, Meet The Hot Topic People

If the names L.L.Bean, Lacoste, Chris Craft, or Benetton bring back some bad memories, you aren’t alone. I spent the better part of my middle school days lost in the midst of the “preppy era” where pink and green were the “IN” colors of the day. I spent hours staring into the Benetton store window admiring all the bright colors and dreaming of owning one of those sweaters.

preppy example

Yes I'm embarrased to admit I scanned this from my very own copy of the Official Preppy Handbook. Not only did I own it, but I colored it in according to the directions which means I actually read it. Why did we think this was a good look?

I have a theory on how the preppy thing started.

A rich fashion-designer-type is sitting around his posh home sipping a brandy when his poodle throws up some crushed florescent crayons on an imported corduroy rug and inspires the Spring collection. We have Rover to thank for looking ridiculous for years.

Signs of Preppiness…

Bear with me on the real awkward photos of me that follow. I’m sure it was just bad lighting and Photoshop didn’t exist yet. Be gentle.

Corduroy Pants

If your florescent green wide corduroy pants caused the cones in your classmate’s retina to scream and shut down in color overload, your popularity was practically guaranteed to increase tenfold.

Animal logos

The Izod alligator was the badge of coolness. Higher than the alligator on the fashion evolutionary scale was the horse, and the smell of the guys’ Polo cologne filled the hallways thanks to Ralph Lauren.

Calvin Klein, Jordache & Gloria Vanderbilt jeans

(This is not me…it’s Brooke Shields in case you were confused.)
Who doesn’t remember the famous line?

If you didn’t have to lie flat, struggle, tug and then finish with hopping around to squeeze in them, your jeans weren’t tight enough. OK now I feel guilty for complaining about my daughter’s skater jeans and see I’m getting payback.

Recently my mother arrived at my house with a surprise. My old pair of Jordache jeans that I had painstakingly sewed up the inseam to make them tighter. *Deep sigh* A treasure that my not-impressed-with-the-vintage-jeans daughter tossed off to the side. How dare she! They sit patiently on my dresser in the hopes that one day I can fit more than my arm in there and re-live the magic.

The add-a-bead necklace

fake add a bead necklace

I dare you to question their authenticity.

Remember that necklace? Each bead was 18K gold, so even the tiny little beads were like $18. I remember walking to the jewelry store in the strip mall beside my neighborhood and laying a pile of change on the counter hoping I had enough to cover the tax so I could add one more tiny bead. By the time I got home, it already had a dent in it. That’s how you knew they were real.

While the rich kids paraded around with 3 strands filled to the clasp with the large mm beads, there I was with my 3-5 measly 3mm and 5mm beads that were so small you needed a microscope to see them.

That’s when you mistakenly fall into the fake add-a-bead necklace trap. Look! I have 23 large beads. Yes they are turning green but just look at ’em!

preppy outfit

Who needs good hair when you have what is really important...the real add-a-beads (the shorter smaller necklace) and the fake ones and my only preppy shirt. I would have worn this every day if I could have. Thank goodness for slow laundry turnover.

My parents were sensible and didn’t frivolously spend money on fads. In order to cease my begging for name brand clothes, I got about $20 a week allowance that I had to use for my activities and all my clothes, and I learned to stretch my dollars by digging through the racks at TJ Maxx in hopes of finding something name brand even if half a pocket was missing.

The real thing out of reach price-wise, preppy status was looking unattainable. Then it happened. The day I found one green Polo shirt hidden deep within the racks. I practically screamed in delight and ignored the tiny hole under the sleeve! It became my prized possession. Making the most of it, I wore it twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays – as well as in every photograph for the next two years. Just because it was long sleeve didn’t stop me from wearing in in 78 degree humidity. Something about wearing that horse made you feel like you were sitting high in the saddle, and it was always a great day.

Bermuda Bags

bermuda bag

These are still popular and even cuter today. Photo credit to where you can buy them. Now I want one!

My favorite fashion accessory and a must-have was the bermuda bag. The covers were exchangeable so you could match whatever you were wearing. This lead to another popular trend that caused an issue for me…


Everything could be propelled to an even cooler status if they were embroidered with your initials. This was a problem. I don’t have a middle name. Really. My mother explained the reason behind this was because she went by her middle name, but was constantly called her first name. To avoid such confusion, she didn’t give people any choice but to call me Melinda. Thank goodness I wasn’t the product of celebrities and stuck with Zuzu.

This was an issue when having a sweater embroidered since 2 initials throws the monogram off balance. After learning that lesson with a sweater, I opted to ditch the initials on my purse cover.

The Baseball Shirt

the baseball tee

The baseball t-shirt. Always look fashionable while tangled in a phone cord.

Penny Loafers, Duck Shoes, Leather Moccasins and Sperry Topsiders

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but I’m wearing penny loafers. You never know when a penny is going to come in handy, and you conveniently have 2! That’s practically 1/4 of a gumball.

penny loafers preppy look

Under my only cable cardigan? Oh there's that green shirt again. Again it's all about distracting from the bad hair.

The IZOD shirt. The hair got better eventually. I just felt I had to prove it.

The only thing worse than growing up in this label-conscious society was not being ridiculously wealthly during it. It didn’t really bother me that I didn’t have $1000s to spend on my school wardrobe like so many of my friends who had a closet full of the “in” clothes with the tags still on. That just made my few items I did have worth that much more to me. I appreciated what I had and looking back my parents taught me a valuable lesson about fads. Don’t get sucked into them. It’s a waste of money. This is why I love consignment stores and the thrill of the hunt.

Today’s Preppy

Out shopping for clothes for my son’s birthday, my soon-to-be-fourteen-year-old daughter mentioned “Hot Topic” people. I listened and learned how teens that wear Hollister and Aeropostale clothes are the preppy equivalent of today.

“Preppy” people apparently have no business stepping foot into Hot Topic which is reserved for the hard core music fans of the music of Lady Gaga, Falling in Reverse, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, and other bands that I couldn’t spell. She considers it “cheating” on Hot Topic to walk into Hollister. The only exception to this rule is you might have to go there to a preppy store to purchase brightly colored pants which are all the rage. Hmm…that sounds scarily familiar. They come in green and pink, too. *Flashback*

I’m told it is all about being bright and colorful or going completely opposite by wearing all black.

As we approached Hot Topic, she began salivating at the thought of what’s new in there.

“Sorry we can’t go in there,” I said.

“What?! Why not? I want to see if they have new Lady Gaga shirts.”

“Your rules. Excuse me but, YOU’RE wearing Hollister.”

She looks down and screams “Ahh!”

I didn’t really get a good feel for what is Hot Topicish and what is preppy as it all seems to be mixed together to me. Perhaps if they had the updated version of the Preppy Handbook, things would be clearer.

Were you in school during the preppy era?
Did you have this book?

the preppy handbook

Stakeout To Catch a Runaway

I needed donuts and coffee quick!

According to all the 1970’s cop shows I watched as a kid, it helps while on a stakeout. Keeping a watchful eye out for the “perp”, I anxiously awaited her capture so I could make the call to get an ID.

You know I’m all about slapping on a sticker badge and calling myself Sheriff of the yard. All that Starsky and Hutch viewing was going to pay off.

yard corner

Entrance to the hideout in an overgrown thorny corner

Each day at dusk, the kids and I would spot her and two other gang members sneaking across the yard by the fence line in a covert fashion. Over the past two months, she’s been seen stealing food from all corners of the neighborhood while slyly alluding capture.

No matter how quietly I opened the sliding glass door to the backyard, she heard it and bolted to the safety of the new hideout in the conservation area behind my house. Thorns and overgrown brush that once stopped the teenagers from using is as a path are no deterrent for these seasoned adventurers. Having the time of her life, she isn’t ready to give up this freedom she’s been enjoying during her mid-life crisis.

alligators welcome

Old decaying fence gate leaves a huge opening welcoming critters.

My home sits on what was swampland thirty years ago. Just beyond the useless fence is a rough conservation area complete with a small body of water and a ten foot alligator that I occasionally hear crying out for a mate. His cries sound more like an angry lion so I don’t know how that’s working out for him.

This is also home to countless rattlesnakes, racoons, and armadillos. Welcome to wild kingdom. Hold on while I change into some Jack Hanna safari gear.

the perp


The Runaway

The perp: Lily. My friend’s beautiful black cat

Answers to: Nothing.

Afraid of: Everything that isn’t adventure – especially fake animal trappers.

Problem: She’s hanging out with 2 other black cats. Who doesn’t want to stay with their friends?

Doesn’t she just look like she is up to something?

The Sighting

I know it is bad luck to have a black cat cross your path but what if you have 4 wandering around your yard. (I’m throwing my next door neighbor’s black cat into the count here.) Is that exponential?

My daughter spotted the gang first, so I ran outside and called Lily’s name. There she sat at the opening to the hangout looking at me. Attempts to coax her to the bowl of dog food I had in my hand only led her to take a small step toward me. She nervously looked over her shoulder as if to say, “I’ve gotta go…my friends are waiting and I’m going to miss the mouse hunt.” Eventually she disappeared.

The Animal Catcher 2000

Animal trapper 2000 - When you are looking for a wildlife adventure.This sighting led to the trap being set at my house. Before the PETA people rage on, it is a humane trap. Baited and set, we waited until dusk when the gang sets out on their nightly escapades.


Coming to check on the trap, my friend announced “We have a cat, but I need a flashlight.” It was very dark in the corner of the yard, and the cat was hissing. A few feet away in a pile of brush we heard a lot of commotion and guessed her friends must have been freaking out over the situation and hatching a plan for springing her from the trap. I think I caught a glimpse of a hat with a “no cat left behind” motto.

Turns out it was the wrong cat. She was released and the trap was reset.

Wait that’s not a cat

An hour later I broke into the emergency hurricane kit supplies to get a working flashlight and ventured out to check the trap. Something was growling and moving frantically in the cage. Shining the light, I was met with the glowing eyes of a wild animal. A raccoon. He wasn’t much bigger than a baby, but he snarled and growled as I approached.

At this point I questioned my choice of trapping attire which was shorts and flip flops and imagined it being released only to turn and bite my leg.

Not having opened the trap myself, I had to fidget a bit to figure it out. Meanwhile he jumped at me in an attempt to bite me, and I was thankful there was metal between us. I’m not sure who was more scared.

Never attempt negotiations with a wild animal. In a sweet, calm voice I explained to him that I was getting him out of there. He wasn’t listening and continued jumping at me while growling which cause me to jump back every time and scream. We continued this dance for several minutes.


They look so sweet in the daytime.

Finally I managed to open the door, and he raced to the conservation area like a bolt of lightning. A blur into the dark night. Figuring he learned his lesson, I reset it and returned to the house. Releasing a wild animal from a cage is an adrenaline rush, and my heart was pumping.

Twenty minutes later I was releasing him AGAIN. This time he was REALLY ANGRY. I had the door propped open and he didn’t even notice. I shined the light in his face and explained the door was open after lecturing him on not learning his lesson the first time. Being the rebel he was, he continued to hiss and growl…then it changed to a babyish feel-sorry-for-me whine. At this point I had to guess he didn’t understand English, baby talk, or terror-induced screaming. Once he finally turned his head to see he was free, he was gone in a flash.

Not being able to handle anymore heart throbbing excitement, I shut down the operation for the evening.

I’m switching to day trapping only. It’s scary walking into my backyard at night, and I just can’t take the “guess what’s in the trap” game again. My friend said so far they have caught many cats, an armadillo, and now you can add racoons to the list.

Oh Lily…just go home.

Back to duty.
Trapper Melinda

PS: Update: After catching the third raccoon (this time a bigger one), Operation Find Lily was officially cancelled due to I might have a heart attack if I have to release another wild animal. You won’t see me working at Busch Gardens anytime soon.

PPS: It could have been worse. It could have been a relative of the cat, the bobcat which has been seen several times in my yard.

Technically Superior Children of Today

cavemanLet’s face it. We are raising a generation of high-tech savvy children than make us look like cavemen banging rocks together. I consider myself pretty geeky when it comes to electronics, but the kids pick it up as naturally as holding a fork.

My son wasn’t even two when he first began using a computer. Easily navigating his educational game with the mouse while I cooked dinner, his only limitation seemed to be his size. He fell off the computer chair and busted his lip. Now almost 17, he can host his own server for online games and other technical marvels I can only admire in wonder.

mixing boardMy thirteen year old musician’s room houses a massive collection of electronic wires running from various instruments through an amp or mixing board and into the computer where she creates her own songs. Clipping, adding effects, and mixing sounds are simple to her.

Then there is my little six year old who has advanced skills when it comes to the workings of my iPhone. She enjoys recording audio clips on it in the car (I didn’t know it did that), and more than once I have come to her for advice.

My house is bursting with knowledge of all things electronic.

This is why it’s so hard for me to understand why it is the simple things that leave them staring blankly…

open bread bag with twistie tie

How does this thing work? Where is the plug?

The twisty tie on the bread bag is apparently complicated. I feel so smart that I know how to use it.

Avoid Ghostly Surprises By Calling Ahead

Invaded by ghost ants AGAIN, the exterminator had to return to my house last week. I dreaded the possible awkwardness this would cause due to “the incident” last time.

Two weeks earlier…

desk windowInnocently hanging out at my computer working, I was unaware that the bug man had arrived and was working his way around to the back of the house.

Next to me is a sliding glass door that leads to the porch. Despite the lack of view, I opened the shades to enjoy the beautiful day.

Suddenly he appeared at the door. We both jumped and I ran out of the room mortified. Much to my relief, he didn’t knock on the door once he was done and instead left the bill on my door.

Important lessons were learned that day:

  1. Call before you spray a person’s house
  2. Don’t sit by the window wearing this…(see below)
face mask surprise

This must have been how I looked. Surprised.

I’m a Bona Fide Versatile Blogger

versatile blogger award

A HUGE thanks to Brian from Unintimidated by Convention for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I greatly appreciate your thinking about me, Brian!

I’m guessing there are always nominations and no winners…so we are all winners. Regardless I’m all about starting out the new year with an award! WHOOO HOOOO!! Hold on while I switch to a fancy evening gown to accept it.

When you get the prestigious Versatile Blogger award, you have to:

1) Nominate 15 other bloggers. (Who is counting? I’d like to see them try to pry this award out of my hands for breaking rules.)
2) Inform them of the nomination.
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Add the Versatile Blogger logo to your post

My Nominations in no particular order except Alphabetical

Conjuring My Muse – Not only am I a huge fan of Margaret’s book The Benefactor, she writes a fun blog that I can relate too, except for the workout motivation part. I’m anxiously and impatiently awaiting her next novel…is it done yet? Is it done yet?

Courageously Creative – Brilliant painter by day, creative blogger by night. I’m a huge fan of David’s thought provoking posts, and it isn’t just because he’s married to my dearest cousin that I used to spend weeks with each summer. 🙂 Sorry David…the secret is out. You have to claim me.

Good Day Regular People – Alexandra, better known as The Empress, is the best. She’s all over the place, so often her posts point you to one of her many guest posts on another blog. She is the most giving person and spends most of her time promoting other bloggers. I was lucky enough to be featured on her blog one day which caused me to wonder why my traffic went completely crazy. She has that kind of magic.

Guilty Squid – She’s always on my top blog list, and she was one of the very first bloggers I started following. Not in a stalking way…in a reading way. She’s a hoot.

Hypertransitory – John is not only super talented at drawing comics, he’s very creative and funny. I’m in awe at his photoshop talents. I love that he occasionally shares “behind the scenes” videos of how he creates his art.

I’m Just Sharing – Mitch always has interesting conversations about a wide range of topics going on at his blog. I always walk away learning something new.

In Pursuit of It All – One of my favorite bloggers who always makes me smile. I’m a proud owner of a coffee mug from her original blog In Pursuit of Martha Points because I get +10 pts just for making coffee! Grab a box of tissue and watch her “Red Underwear” speech at BlogHer 11. It is my favorite story EVER and you won’t regret it. Alexandra is one of the speakers, too, and is hysterical!

Kelley’s Breakroom – Love her!! She makes me cry laughing. One of the most creative bloggers I’ve come across. She’s all over the place and does it hysterically.

Mostly Bright Ideas – I think Charles has received this award numerous times. He even hit the front page of with his blog…twice! He always offers a brilliant, humorous flashback to childhood that is as precious as an old photo.

Morpho Designs – Besides trying to make me look up words I don’t know in the dictionary, Mitch has been busy writing poetry in addition to the wide range of topics he offers on his blog. It’s always an education. Thanks Mitch for being such a HUGE supporter of my blog. I’m extremely grateful.

Simple Lift Prattle – Allan serves up a little of everything on his blog. Lately it has been making me feel very guilty for being such a bad handy woman as he’s been busy with some house projects that look amazing. I can’t begin to thank him for all the support he has given me over the last year. He rocks!

Telling Dad – What can I say? He’s just pure entertainment, so check him out. His hat? That just shows you how being uncool can be oh so cool.

The Meanest Mom – The first blog I religiously read on a daily basis. She is the funniest. She lives near me in Florida, so I can really related to her experiences moving down here from up North. Florida has some kookie stuff going on.

Seven things about me

  1. I think I’m a better at leaving comments than writing a blog. If only that was a profession.
  2. whole fish with eyeball

    Photo credited to

    I once attended a Japanese family’s New Year’s celebration dinner where a whole entire fish was the centerpiece. You know…one with the eyeball still in it. The thought of it still creeps me out since it stared at me all through dinner.
  3. I hate glitterI hate glitter. It gets on everything and I find it on my face weeks later. Christmas craft projects are covered it in. Luckily things with glitter tend to disappear from my house like magic. I can’t explain it…bwaa haa haa.
  4. marilyn monroeWhen I was a kid I was OBSESSED with the Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe death conspiracy theories. I couldn’t read enough books about them. I passed this on to my daughter this Christmas holiday with a Marilyn Monroe book.
  5. robert downey jrAfter seeing Sherlock Holmes over the holidays, Brad Pitt, my long time love who just doesn’t know it yet, is getting kicked to the curb for Robert Downey Jr. since that movie has caused me to develop a crush on him.

    This is the kind of spontaneous irrational decision I make when I’ve had too much coffee. Brad come back…I was only joking!

  6. I kept all my kids’ baby teeth and I don’t know why. Are you suppose to just throw them away? Is this normal? Now I’m thinking they probably don’t want a baggie of bloody teeth as a graduation or wedding gift so I should rethink why I’m keeping them. I even labeled the date they lost them, so an anthropologist is going to love me in 200 years.
  7. flowers

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    I played too much Skyrim (xbox) on my vacation. I know this because when I pulled up into my driveway and looked over at my neighbor’s flowerbed, my thoughts immediately went to wondering if I could harvest them to make a potion. Reality and gaming can get mixed up if you spend too much time playing. Let that be a lesson kids.

Go give a shout out to Brian over at Unintimidated by Convention and tell him I sent ya! The trip is FREE…my gift to you.

I hope 2012 brings everyone good health and happiness. Happy New Year!